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Why Use a Dealer?

This is a decision that only you can make. What we can tell you is that when it comes to selling a boat, we take the hassle out of the process, giving you an honest appraisal and offering cash on the spot for quality brands such as Quintrex, Stacer, Baysport, Savage, Cruise Craft, Haines Hunter, Haines Signature, Polycraft, Stabicraft and Barcrusher plus many more. If you prefer, we can agree on a sale price and sell it on consignment. It’s up to you how quickly you want to unlock the cash for other purposes. We’re here to make selling boats easier and less time consuming.

We believe our experience and expertise can deliver a faster and better result for the boat owner through multiple channels all aimed at showing your pride and joy to a ready market of active buyers looking for a boat just like yours. We know what buyers are looking for and have an active database of buyers looking for boats for sale so if you’d like to sell your boat in Brisbane, or anywhere else for that matter, we can help.

With our expertise we can help you set the price of your boat based on our knowledge of the current second hand boat market. This means you can sell your boat quicker and for a better price. We have both sides covered with customer expectations and sellers’ requirements.

Your boat is your pride and joy and that makes it hard to sometimes make rational decisions on its value. The memories of days spent aboard make it nigh on impossible to distance yourself. As an agent, we are free from the emotional attachment and joy and will only negotiate with potential buyers based on the ‘real market value’ resulting in more sold boats.

Listing your boat multiple sites just to get to the point of physically selling your boat is a painstaking process. There a so many options and formats to understand and wade through, plus, which ones do you use? With access to all the best places customers look to find boats for sale we can sell your boat on a number of platforms as well as our own established database of customers. More eyeballs means a faster sale and more competition maintaining the best price.

Finding the buyers in order to sell any boats is difficult. Where do you find them? Not only do we use the best websites, social and print media options, we also have access to other boat dealers who may have a customer but not the boat, so we can co-operate to deliver a successful sale quickly

Working out how exactly how to quickly sell a boat for the right price is dark art. What are buyers looking for and what makes them tick? We have all the resources in place from our website, database marketing and knowledge of showing your boat right, meaning we will sell boats quicker.

Meeting up, exchanging money and the follow up transfer of registration is a time consuming process. We understand the legal aspects of selling a boat and make sure all the paperwork is completed correctly and we are always available for potential buyers’ question and correspondence. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Picture your Saturday and you’ve elected to sell your boat yourself and meanwhile little Johnny has made the soccer finals but you can’t go because you’ve got people looking at the boat and wanting a test ride. Not if you sell your boat through us. We conduct the sea trials with prospective buyers for you. Less hassle and more time doing other things.

After all this, you’ve found a buyer yourself and he’s turned up to complete the sale but gives you a bogus name and cheque leaving you literally nowhere to turn. A dealer takes on the responsibility of determining the identity of the buyer and is generally insured in case of a mishap so you still get your money.

If you’ve imported a boat from overseas yourself and have decided to sell that boat, how do you know it complies with Australian standards? In extreme cases you will be listed as the importer meaning you could be liable for any future mishaps if the boat fails the Australian safety standards. When selling a boat, we make sure that it meets all the necessary regulations and you aren’t left with costly future legal issues.

It’s our job to find and deliver buyers, so selling your boat with us is foolproof and simple, leaving more time for you to concentrate on the important stuff.


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